Island Temptation

Island Temptation

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalFantasyhabanero

Mitchell had been the surprise dream come to life and all Brenna had to do was follow the path that led her to him. And she did. Twice. Now that she discovered dreams do come true, she had to let go of the darkness she’d kept inside her heart and allow herself back into the light and maybe even be happy again.

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Speechless with lust and impatient with need, her time on the island was limited. The blistering sun was a burden, trapping her at the resort. The slow fading sun mocked her, forcing her to wait until dark to go to Mitchell, her island fantasy lover.  

Amie and Rebecca, Brenna’s besties, had spent most of their time on the island dragging her to shops, rolling like a rotisserie chicken on the beach, and eating whatever they could get their hands on. The typical overindulgent desires of a beach vacation. Trouble was that Brenna was ready to overindulge on Mitchell. 

Island Temptation
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