Island Surprise

Island Surprise

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalFantasyhabanero

Can a sex god impregnate a human? Brenna had questions for Mitchell and a mountain of anxiety that made it impossible to think beyond the fear of being a single mother. Let’s face it, marrying an island Adonis was unlikely, right? 

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How can I be pregnant? Protection or no protection, sex gods don’t impregnate humans. Humans are beneath sex gods, right? 

Then, Brenna pictured how many times she’d physically been beneath him, on top of him, and bent over in front of him. 

I’m so screwed. 

Brenna gulped audibly. She had to find Mitchell. Abandoning her friends, the first chance she got, she headed for the tropical oasis in search of him. When she arrived at the lagoon, he wasn’t there. So, she stalked to the waterfall, the last place they’d had sex. There he was, naked and lounging on a giant boulder. His body was on display for her greedy eyes. She shook herself to regain her focus. 

Island Surprise
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