Hotter Than Fire

Hotter Than Fire

By Morgan Fox

Male/Female /MaleContemporaryhabanero

Captain Joe Banks and Lieutenant Daphne Grisham were on scene. A meth lab explosion had called both their firehouses to extinguish the blaze. Luckily, this time, no one was injured. After a long shift, it was time to head home. A shower was a must. Upon arrival home, they discovered something that would leave the day hotter than the fire they’d battled and not even water could extinguish.

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The fire raged on, burning for hours. Towering golden flames engulfed the two-story apartment building—a total loss. Every fireman from three neighboring cities came to aid in fighting the blaze. Their efforts were useless in salvaging the building—a structural nightmare. Thankfully, the units were empty, void of people, but the explosions that erupted from the lower floors gave insight to the reason the inferno burned out of control. 

A meth lab! 

Hotter Than Fire
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