Her Assistant – Part 2

Her Assistant - Part 2

By Freya Tusk

Two Females and One MaleContemporaryhabanero

After an encounter with her office assistant, she rushes home to tell her husband the good news and show him how excited she is…

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I was so turned on during my drive, I planned to rush in the house and masturbate. However, my husband was already home standing beside his truck, and he was hot and sweaty. I saw him and licked my lips. The way the faded denim clung to his hips and how he looked in his worn boots undid me. I decided to get him into bed now so that I could taste his salty sun kissed skin. He glanced up and saw my expression – I must have looked like I wanted to eat him alive. He smiled and slowly walked towards my car to meet me.

Her Assistant – Part 2
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