Her Assistant – Part 1

Her Assistant - Part 1

By Freya Tusk

Two FemalesContemporaryHabanero

What do you do when your assistant wants to help you relax?

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She unbuttoned her suit jacket and took down her hair. She had the most beautiful eyes and mouth. She wore very little makeup, just a little eyeliner to enhance her exotic eyes.

We had become accustomed to letting ourselves relax around each other, so I wasn’t surprised when she took off her jacket. She draped it over her chair, turned to me, and said, “I’m worried about you. You’re working so hard. You need to take some time to relax.”

I was distracted because her thin white blouse revealed her dark lacey bra and the curve of her breasts. I coughed and looked up, hoping she hadn’t noticed I was staring. She smiled sweetly and didn’t indicate a problem. I asked her, “What do you think I should…

Her Assistant – Part 1
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