Guiding Deep : Part 1

Guiding Deep : Part 1

By Matilda Meyerson

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He decided to take some time off to regroup and find his passion again. That’s how he found himself surfing the web, searching for retreats for the solo traveler. The most intriguing was offered by a spelunking company which offered group retreats to restore equilibrium and team build – in caves of all places. The owner, a guy named Sam Princeton, believed, according to the company website, “going underground has healing properties you cannot find any other way. The silence and cease of constant technological bombardment allows one to become completely present to one’s mind so  you can unravel the twists and overwhelms of modern life.” Silence sounded amazing. Groups did not. He needed some alone time.

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She led him out of the airport to her van and he couldn’t help but notice she had a really fine ass, hugged by her quick dry pants. Her company t-shirt was clinging to a pretty darn nice upper form too but guys weren’t supposed to notice these things anymore in the modern age. At least they weren’t supposed to comment on them. So he just kept mentally cataloging his observations without saying anything. Like the way her body flexed and moved with strength when she threw his luggage into the back of the van. He wasn’t sure if he was going to need any retreat experiences to relax because he already couldn’t remember why work was stressing him out.

Guiding Deep : Part 1
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