Enemies No More

Enemies No More

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

Sandy felt belittled by Ken. His larger-than-life self always caused an unpleasant burst of acid to swim in her belly. Ken was one of those gorgeous men who was unattainable by normal women. You know, a woman who might have a little extra fluff around the middle, not wear caked on makeup, or shop at high end boutiques. Sandy didn’t fit the mold of the women she’d seen him date over the years. Selfish women who spent more time admiring themselves in the bathroom mirror than having real conversations with genuine people. Not to mention, he’d dumped her best friend at prom. Who does that? Prom might’ve been 10 years ago, but still, that was a jerk move. Sadly, their circle of friends was the same. Their brothers were friends, they even worked for the same company. As odd as it was, she and Ken had a lot in common. Rolling her eyes at the thought, she gritted her teeth. This was going to be one long weekend.

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The question seemed off. She was naked and he was dripping wet. Sharing a room meant a lot of things. Things she hadn’t been prepared for. Like the rush of yearning that flooded her system. A fiery heat ignited in her gut and blasted its way to each of her nerve endings. Dampness pooled between her legs and her pussy throbbed. What was happening to her? A switch had flipped, and she was turned on by a man that never should be able to do that to her. 

“Look at me, Ken.”

He did, his eyes pools of desire. He drank her in like a sweet wine, savoring her. That was a first. She dropped her inhibitions and her shirt. Ken’s knees seemed to wobble as he leaned against the now closed door at his back. 

Enemies No More
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