The Pacific Northwest Vacation – Part 2

The Pacific Northwest Vacation - Part 2

By Matilda Meyerson

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My friend Marlene has pushed me to create a fantasy plan for my 10-day trip to the Pacific Northwest. Each day I will meet a new man at each of my touristy destinations… Though, so far, getting to know Tom has been so much fun!

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As Tom and I walked, rather quickly, towards my Airbnb in downtown Seattle, I realized I hadn’t taken any safety precautions to ensure I wouldn’t end up a victim of some heinous crime and yet I didn’t want to walk away from an adventure either. My brain quickly calculated a plan and I started doing a google search on my phone. “Tom, I need to do a background check on you… and you might want to do one on me. Can you show me anything online on your phone that proves you are who you say you are? Here’s my info on my school’s website, proving that I’m a teacher there.”

The Pacific Northwest Vacation – Part 2
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