The Demon and The Dragon

The Demon and The Dragon

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleParanormalHabanero

Danika and Galen are in the fight of their lives. As a demon princess, Danika is hunted by the rogue king. Galen has swore to protect her, but cannot reveal his true form or he too would be hunted. As a dragon, his capture would fetch a high price. Together, they seek to find refuge in the forest. Lucky for Danika, her friend Becca finds a way to leave her clues to follow. If they can find a way to escape the army tracking them down, they just might survive.

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He turned to her and pulled her closer, cupping the side of her face in his hand. The soft caress of his thumb sweeping over her cheek forced her eyes to close. Inhaling Galen’s masculine scent took her away, if only for a moment. When his lips pressed to hers, she dreamed of a place where the two would be alone and without fear of capture. Wrapping her arms around him, she wept. 

Galen rocked her in his arms, trying all he could do to calm her. Fear was a bitch, and as brave as Danika had always been in times of battle, the rogue king scared the living hell out of her. The idea of being forced to be with him, do whatever it was he commanded or watch the execution of her family was the worst kind of pain she’d ever felt. 

Against his lips, she whispered, “You’ll have to kill me.”

Galen eased back, holding her gaze. “No. I will not.”

The Demon and The Dragon
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