My Brother’s Best Friend

My Brother's Best Friend

By Morgan Fox

Male and FemaleContemporaryHabanero

Over the years, catching glimpses of Todd across the dinner table was all Melanie was lucky enough to capture. Her brother’s best friend was off limits, even though they’d known each other most of their lives. Todd and Michael had been glued at the hip and there was no doubt that her brother would be furious with her if she admitted her feelings for Todd. Michael would likely not speak to her for a long time. As awful as that would be, she couldn’t help but fantasize about Todd, the boy who’d become one delicious and unforgettable man.

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Her body responded to his closeness in a primal way–heart racing, blood pumping, and her pulse thundering so hard and fast in her ears it deafened her. The musk scent of his body forced wild quivers to explode all over her body. Todd was in her dreams, her desires for him were only growing and it was starting to affect her daily life. She couldn’t think. Couldn’t do anything without his face, scent, or touch lingering in her thoughts. 

To add more pain to her festering attraction for Todd, he’d confessed his own desires for her, and she’d nearly caved to the lust that awakened inside her. Her heart exploded and her blood stirred to exciting new heights. She almost kissed him, but fate intervened when Michael had come home early from work. Melanie took that as a sign to not play with fire. 

The neglected desires had twisted in her gut like rotting fruit with swarming flies. Guilt was a bitch. 

My Brother’s Best Friend
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