Flowers, Chocolates, And Valentines

Flowers, Chocolates, And Valentines

By Patricia A. Wolf

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Julia and Brad were married without children, but they were workaholics, so time spent together was never consistent. Stress piled up fast with their busy careers. Sneaking away for afternoon delights had been their only way to spend time together. Now, Julia had a new personal assistant, freeing up more of her time. Even with Brad’s insane schedule, he found time to surprise Julia with campfire dinners and dessert at home for lunch. After receiving a desperate phone call from Brad, Julia rushes home for a heart-shaped surprise.

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Julia got what she asked for, a personal assistant and she was good. Not great, but good. Monica was fresh out of school and eager to get work experience, but mistakes happened one too many times. Outside of keeping the office tidy, better than average phone answering skills, and a wonderfully pleasant attitude, Monica still had a lot to learn about the day-to-day operations of the business. 

At least I finally got help

Inhaling a deep breath for calm, Julia brought a stack of incorrectly sorted files back to Monica’s desk. 

Smiling, Monica asked, “What can I do for you, Ms. Julia?”

Flowers, Chocolates, And Valentines

Flowers, Chocolates, And Valentines

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