By Matilda Meyerson

They wanted to stay fit and healthy so they worked out together at home. Today, Ryan was feeling a little bored with their routine. He knew his wife, Anna, was wearing a sports bra and matching underwear under her clothes and thought it would be way more fun to see her working out in just that!

She was just starting her warm-up stretches when he suggested, “Honey, will you let me lead you through some new exercises?” 

“I’m game,” she said. “What do we do first?”

“Well, take off your shoes, socks and clothes, so I can see your muscles more clearly, during the workout.” Her mouth opened a little in surprise and her pupils dilated. Smiling devilishly, he clapped his hands, “Chop-chop.” Kicking off her shoes, Anna pulled her shirt over her head. 

As she pushed her shorts off her hips, she asked, “What’s next?” 

“Okay, if you work hard, you’ll be rewarded,” Ryan said, as he wrapped her in his arms, “but if you don’t… ,” he murmured, “I might have to punish you,” he growled playfully as he gave her a quick smack on the ass.  

“Let’s do this!” she laughed.

“First, downward dog,” he said. As she pressed her butt into the air, he stroked the back of her thighs, causing her to startle in surprise. He gave her a stern look, trying not to laugh, then waited for her to focus back on her pose. When Ryan had her move into the serpentine position, he knelt in front of her, kissing her lips until she opened her mouth for his tongue. He was so turned on, as he sucked her air into his mouth, capturing her tongue with his. He could see Anna grinding herself against the floor. His cock was rock hard, as he released her for the next exercise.

“Now, we need to work on your back strength, so let’s have you lean over the exercise ball, with your stomach in the middle.” As Anna followed his directions, he crouched behind her. “I’m going to make sure you don’t move your hips.” Ryan put one hand on her ass and moved it down until his palm was pressed between her legs. She was breathing heavily, and he could already feel how wet she was. “Now, lift your head, shoulders and then hips for 20 reps… slowly.” After 4, she tried to just push into the pressure of his hand. “You are a bad girl,” Ryan scolded, taking his hand away. 

“Oh, come on, Ry! Please, don’t stop,” Anna begged him. He spanked her instead, causing her to groan in pleasure. 

“Now finish your reps,” he insisted. She surrendered and he reapplied the pressure. As she finished her last rep, he pushed his …

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