By Patricia Wolf

Glimpses of paradise filled Phoenix’s mind—a green tropical oasis with crystal blue waterfalls, and birds, so many birds. Their colors, vibrant and magical, almost shimmering with the glowing power of an erupting star. The sun was warm and the air thick. Those details of his past he remembered, but that was it. That and the familiarity he felt for a human woman named Pricilla. 

From the moment he’d found himself naked and alone in an empty field, he’d sensed her. Following his instincts, he tracked her—a confused and frazzled creature seeking to be saved just like him. Hiding in the shadows, he waited to approach her. What would he say? How would she respond to a once imprisoned man with no memories and wings that erupted from his body like explosions of lava from a volcano? 

Oh, yeah, he could fucking fly!

He constantly rubbed his wrists and ankles, the remnants of scars lingered upon his skin. He’d been caged like a bird and chained. Bastards had tortured him. The scars on his body told him that much. 

Thankful to be free of his imprisoners, he set out for the one thing that could keep him from purgatory. Pricilla. She wasn’t like him, and yet, somehow, she was. No one could possibly understand the fiery passions of a phoenix, and yet, he’d finally found the courage to approach her. She hadn’t been afraid. The flames of his heart burned hotter than the sun, crippling him with desires he had never imagined. She felt it too, as if connected to him, sharing part of his soul. Together, they live in search of a past he can’t remember, in hopes of unraveling a brighter, less frightening future. 

“We need a break.” 

Pricilla’s tone told him she was serious about finding balance. She talked about it regularly, and even though he brushed it off, he couldn’t deny that she was right. They’d been killing themselves trying to find a speck of information to help him find closure from his past. Anything that might give him a clue as to who took him prisoner and why. The fear that he was still being hunted never left him. Always on guard, he was waiting to be attacked. Except this time, it meant that Pricilla would be in danger as well, and that couldn’t happen. That meant he had to get to them first. 

“We need to get away to somewhere relaxing. Clear our heads.” Priscilla said as she wrapped her arms around Phoenix’s neck. “Get a fresh start on things when we get back. Maybe a break away from all this will actually help us.” 

He grimaced, but after a moment of staring into her soft, sweet gaze, he was caught up under her spell and knew resistance was useless. He kissed her and hugged her back. “Where do you suggest we go?”

“Where would a phoenix like to go?”

He grinned. “Somewhere tropical. Somewhere sunny and warm. Somewhere where I can be alone with you naked all day and all night long.”

She smiled. “How about a semi-private beach?” 

She wiggled her brows up and down and he laughed. 

“Do you know of such a place?”

She nodded. “Pack a bag, sweetheart. We have a car ride to catch.” 

Pricilla had booked a bungalow in a private and secluded area along the coast.  A few hours was all it had taken for them to get to the oasis. The bright sun cascaded its warmth over the white sand and sea oat covered dunes. A delightful ocean breeze blanketed them in heavy salt air. 

Phoenix stripped his shirt from his body and spread his arms like wings, welcoming the heat of the day and the energy the sun gifted him. He craved its warmth as if it were the reason he existed. The power that radiated from his body enhanced on a bright, cloudless day. 

Mythology said that the sun god aided the phoenix in its rebirth, pausing only to hear the phoenix’s farewell song, but then, turned its chariot east, sending a spark to ignite the phoenix’s nest, leaving only remnants behind until the phoenix rose from the ashes.  

The paradise Phoenix stood in filled his heart and mind with comfort. Pricilla had been right to suggest a trip to the coast. Inhaling the thick salt into his lungs left him feeling connected to something, more than he had in a long while. 

“Want to see the bungalow?” Pricilla asked, stepping up onto the wooden steps that lead to their home away from home. 

Phoenix nodded and joined her, opening the door, and taking a few of the bags from her hands to help her carry them inside. The room was spacious, separated only by one extra room that was the bathroom. The windows were open, and the gentle breeze tossed the sheer white curtains about in rippling waves. The king size bed sat in between the windows and was surrounded by thinly draped white sheers. 

“This place is stunning,” Pricilla said with awe in her tone. 

“It sure is,” Phoenix agreed. “This was a great idea.”

He hadn’t realized how much he needed this until the moment they’d arrived. He felt at home on the beach, connected to the sand, the trees, the water, and especially the sun. The padding sound of her feet drew his attention and he turned just as she rushed toward him, leaping into his arms. 

“I’m glad you agree,” she teased with a hundred kisses to his face and lips. “Give me a second to put my swimsuit on and we can go for a swim.”

“Who needs clothing …



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