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Are there websites where you can read short, romantic stories for free? Absolutely. However, quality is not monitored, content is not organized, and it’s paid for through advertising. 

Our authors are both published and new – all dedicated to the quality of their craft. We offer stories from a plethora of perspectives and levels of intimacy, then rate and categorize our collection. We want you to easily find what you enjoy. The Spicy Spot is ad and click-bait free and doesn’t sell your information. 

The Spicy Spot was started by three friends and doesn’t have corporate sponsorship nor affiliations therefore we have a monthly fee for your subscription – about the cost of a fancy gourmet coffee. Your subscription allows us to operate a safe website and to pay our authors for the unique art they produce.

Thank you for visiting our site! And if you become a subscriber, thank you for supporting our artists. We hope you have as much fun reading as our authors have writing.











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